Mobile Security


Police Cars Installed with HD Rugged IR PTZ Cameras - China

Video surveillance is a technology that helps police to find clues before a potential  crime or evidences after an event. Portable surveillance provides mobile features. The system can be installed on vehicles when police is patrolling and the central station can see the video from field.Police Department from Beijing city installed 200 rugged HD IR PTZ cameras over their patrol vehicles. Our rugged HD IR cameras are designed for portable surveillance applications: IP66 weather proof, IR aux lighting, magnets for fast deployment, compact size. With extra wireless communication unit, the video can be easily sent to central station.


Emergency Systems with Rapid- Deployment PTZ Camera Kit

Natural disasters & catastrophic incidents occur too frequently globally. Life and property loss can be tragic, especially when outcomes can be mitigated by proactive prevention and instant response.The FZ Emergency Command Center purchased 20 portable video surveillance systems installed with PATC thermal cameras. The city is at east coast of China, where visited by many typhoons especially in summer. Typhoon brings storms, and damages houses and other facilities (transportation, power and water). People trapped in the area can face great danger to their lives.The Center sends out rescue teams equipped with the portable systems. The thermal imaging camera sees thru storms and is great help to find lives by temperature even when they are trapped or buried under mudslides.


Railroad in North Amercica

A project of 50 rugged camera systems supplied to one of the largest freight railroads. The systems are installed on locomotives, tripods & suitcase kits to check tracks, traffic lights and other parts for potential risks. The rugged cameras withstand for the tough working conditions on railroads such as shocks, bad weather, dusts . The PATC thermal imaging PTZ cameras can see objects and find dangers in darkness or thick fog. The PAC camera can be switched into daylight mode with IR or white lights on to check traffic lights.The user expressed their satisfaction over the systems and there are more systems in demand coming early 2014


PATC Thermal PTZ Camera on Oil & Gas Support Vessels - Singapore

As the vessels need to work mostly in foggy and rainy sea environments, even in total darkness. PATC thermal ptz camera is installed on top of the vessel mast to have better flexibility especially when get close to the rig stations. The IP67 weatherproof ptz case can make sure the camera deal with the water and rain erosion, dual module makes the camera can see through 7/24 hours.


Rugged Thermal Imaging in Studies of Wild Animals - China

The Institute needs to observe wild animals and their habitats and to estimate their population size.Based on temperature differences, thermal camera creates a clear image. Furthermore, thermal contrast is very difficult to mask. This means that you will clearly see animals that are hidden in trees or bushes. Their natural camouflage will not help them to hide anymore.PATC camera is a great help to monitor the animals in darkness. Meanwhile, this dual-core PTZ can capture clear image during day time. With wireless communication unit, scientists dn't have to stay close to animals, in case of personal risk or frightening animals.